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Dust Lands - Beta (Android/IOS) Gameplay

Meteorite catastrophes, viruses, and Mutants run rampant in this post-apocalyptic world.

Human civilization is on the brink of extinction.

To avoid that, the remaining population lived their days underground.

Alas, resources soon run out and humanity is forced to return to the surface for survival.

It’s time to take up your weapons and rebuild your homeland!

Welcome to Dust Lands, a multiplayer online survival game. You are tasked to gather survivors to build a sturdy shelter, explore the crisis-ridden wasteland, vanquish ubiquitous Mutants, scavenge resources and treasures left behind, and band with your allies to reshape the order of the new world and revive human civilization.

Game Features:

☆Rebuild Your Homeland with Heroes☆

Rally survivors with special powers, train Heroes, and form a powerful army to deal with Mutants and unknown crises.

Get resources to build an indestructible sanctuary for the survivors and lay the foundation for rebuilding human civilization.

☆Recce Ruins☆

Destroyed towns, stranded fleets, gloomy prisons, and abandoned hospitals are everywhere in this post-apocalyptic world, but this is where your adventure starts.

Vanquish Mutants as you scavenge for resources and riches, and find out what caused the apocalypse.

☆Strategize and Conquer☆

Flexible real-time management of your Troops allows you to apply a wide variety of military tactics—utilizing Hero Skills, Troop type advantages—to flank foes or sweep waves of Mutants without batting an eye.

☆Fight with Your Alliance☆

Build armies of different formations and utilize Troop type advantages to defeat the frenzied Mutants.

Join an Alliance and unite like-minded survivors to fight against adversaries and protect the rest of humanity.

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